Antarctic Project

SO-CHIC (Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate): To understand and quantify variability of heat and carbon budgets in the Southern Ocean through an investigation of the key processes controlling exchanges between the atmosphere, ocean and sea ice using a combination of observational and modelling approaches.

A combination of dedicated observation, existing decades long time-series, and state-of-the-art modelling will be used to address specific objectives on key processes, as well as their impact and feedback on the large-scale atmosphere-ocean system.


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Co-ordinator    Jean-Baptiste-Sallée     Sorbonne University          JB Sallee 2 


Task Group

   Amélie Lecornec      Head and Shoulder 5


Task Group

   Joseph Nolan

European Polar


   Joseph Nolan 2
Data Task Group     Patrick Gorringe      Head and Shoulder 5
Data Task Group     Novellino Antonio      Head and Shoulder 5

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