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The Arctic is more affected by climate warming than any other region. To monitor the ongoing changes, to predict the evolution of the climate system and to develop mitigation measures, we need a coherent system of Earth Observation.

The current observational systems for the Arctic environment are fragmented, incoherent, and not tuned to user needs. Arctic PASSION will address these fundamental flaws to co-create a coherent, integrated pan-Arctic Observing System of Systems (pan-AOSS). Through the removal of known barriers, the proposed pan-AOSS will:

Address the urgent needs of people living in the Arctic, and have relevance to European and global society;Address the urgent needs of people living in the Arctic, and have relevance to European and global society;• Expand monitoring capabilities through broad inclusion of Indigenous Knowledge and Local Knowledge;• Coordinate and enhance Arctic-centred EO capacity and capability, by developing- Essential Arctic Variables (EAVs),- an “Arctic window of Copernicus”, and- User-driven EuroGEO services,• Rapidly improve data interoperability, and access to ‘application-ready’ environmental data for all users;• Empower the private sector, policymakers, and civil society with the critical tools necessary to observe,understand and predict future change in the Arctic environment, over different spatial and time scales; and• Implement an Arctic-GEOSS Initiative in partnership with the Sustaining Arctic Observing Network (SAON2).The observation system will allow widespread monitoring of ongoing environmental changes, reduce uncertainly inpredicting future system changes, support risk assessment, and inform and guide mitigation and adaptation measures,and sustainable development in the Arctic and elsewhere.


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