We have four cross-cutting Task Groups that integrate project activity


Communications Task Group

Lead by Elaina Ford, British Antarctic Survey ()

  • Internal communications
  • Redmine collaboration platform, hosted by DKRZ
  • Resources
  • Templates, logos
  • External Communications
  • Website, social media


Stakeholder Engagement

Lead by Annette Scheepstra, RUG ()

  • Joint terminology: The terminology we agree to use across this task group: what do we mean with “stakeholders”? Find the explanation in this section of the wiki.
  • Stakeholder mapping: Maps of the stakeholders in the clustered projects, with links to deliverables and reports on the mapping.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Links to the documents related to the stakeholder engagement methodology, approach.
  • Indigenous engagement: How to engage with the indigenous communities.


Data Management

Lead by Øystein Godøy, Met Norway () and Stein Sandven, NERSC, Norway ()



Lead by Josefine Lenz, APECS, Germany  () and Katharina Beckmann, Lund University, Sweden ()

The EU Polar Cluster website is hosted by the European Polar Board, and managed by the British Antarctic Survey.