Data Management

Lead by: Øystein Godøy, Met Norway () and Stein Sandven, NERSC, Norway ()

Scope of the group:

  • Promote and facilitate collaboration within the area of data management between EU Polar Cluster projects
  • Coordination of data management activities between cluster participants
  • Facilitate the adoption and implementation of data management standards that will enable free, open and timely access to data and interoperability of discovery metadata and systems as needed
  • Coordination of cluster data management activities towards the SAON/IASC Arctic Data Committee
  • Collaborating with relevant national, regional, global, discipline or cross-disciplinary data management activities to ensure that European data management activities are relevant, cost-efficient and sustainable.
  • Liaison with the European Open Science Cloud ensuring proper integration of Polar data
  • Compilation of guidelines on data management for cluster projects
  • Identification of gaps in cluster data management practises and mitigation
  • Establishing dedicated task (sub)groups as required to solve the issues above.

Data Task Group project contacts

APPLICATE    Øystein Godøy
ARCSAR    Penelope Wagner, Artmir Galica
ARICE    Vito Vitale
BeyondEPICA    Chiara Venier
ECOTIP    Marcin Wichorowski
EU-PolarNet 2
FACE-IT    Robert Schlegel
FORCeS    Matthew Salter
iCUPE    Alexander Mahura, Steffen Noe
INTAROS    Stein  Sandven, Torill Hamre
INTERACT    Øystein Godøy
JUSTNORTH    Corine Wood-Donnelly
KEPLER    Penelope  Wagner
NUNATARYUK    Anna Irrgang
SIOS    Øystein Godøy, Dariusz Ignatiuk
SO-CHIC    Antonio  Novellino, Patrick  Gorringe

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