Welcome to the EU Polar Cluster -
a collaboration of Arctic and Antarctic projects funded by the European Commission

The EU Polar Cluster currently comprises of  the following projects:, ARCSAR, Arctic PASSION, ARICE, ArcticHubs, Beyond EPICA, CAPARDUS, CHARTER, CRiceS, ECOTIP, EU-PolarNet 2, FACE-IT, FORCeS, iCUPE, INTERACT III, JUSTNORTH, PROTECT, PolarRES, SO-CHIC, TiPACCs and NUNATARYUK. In addition we are supported by two ongoing organisations, the European Polar Board (EPB) and SIOS, the Svalbard Integrated Observing System. We contine the legacy of previous Cluster members that have now ended: APPLICATE,  BLUE-ACTION, EU-PolarNet, INTAROS, INTERACT II, KEPLER.

The cluster thus merges a broad spectrum of research and coordination activities - ranging from the most up-to-date findings on permafrost and sea ice, from enhancing observation to improving predictions, and from networking research stations to coordinating access to icebreakers.

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One page summaries of each project and organisations (collectively "Members"), and an overview of the Cluster aims and objectives.

Members are listed alphabetically. The legacy projects are listed at the end. 




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EU PolarNet 2 Catalyst Platform


The EU Polar Cluster is coordinated through EU-PolarNet2. We encourage members of all Cluster Members to sign up to EU-PolarNet2's Catalyst Platform - a new collaboration platform. The MS Teams site will continue to be available, along with the linked Sharepoint cloud storage. The Catalyst platform will provide a way of discussing with the other projects and wider polar research community. Please engage!

 Call for Nominations! 

The Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award serves to promote and raise awareness of promising projects which address climate change through concrete actions and plans.

UArctic and the Arctic Circle are pleased to announce that two prizes will be awarded to outstanding ideas; open to anyone (individual or small group) and another specifically catalyzing institutional collaboration in support of innovative action amongst UArctic members. 

The call for nominations is open until 17 May 2022 

Click here to read the full call and instructions

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